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Terms & Conditions

Coaching Program Agreement


Please note: you will receive a copy of this agreement to sign when we start our coaching relationship.

This agreement covers your 8-week Coaching Program consisting of up to 60 minutes of Coaching sessions per week.

The program will commence following the acceptance of this agreement, the receipt of payment and the completion of your questionnaire.

The Coach/Mentor will call the Client on the pre-arranged phone number or begin the Zoom meeting at the scheduled session time or as agreed between the two parties.

Refunds and Cancellations

The Client can cancel the Coaching Program Agreement at any time for any reason. Refunds are not applicable for completed sessions. However, the Client will receive a refund for unused sessions if paid in advance.

The Client will give the Coach/Mentor 24 hours’ notice for any session cancellations. Cancellation in less than 24 hours before a session will incur a full fee.

Coaching and Mentoring Relationship

The Client enters into the Coaching Program with the understanding that the Client is responsible for creating her, his or their own decisions and results. The Coach/Mentor is a Certified Coach with a background in personal development, marketing, and business.

If requested, the Coach/Mentor may give specific advice or suggestions; however, it is ultimately the Client’s responsibility for making her, his or their own decisions determining the best course of action.

The Coaching Program relationship is in no way to be construed as psychological counselling or any type of psychotherapy. In the event that the Client feels the need for professional counselling or therapy, it is the responsibility of the Client to seek a licensed professional.


If paying in full, payment is to be received before the first coaching session via bank transfer. Monthly payment plans are to be received on the agreed date. Bank details will be provided.


Confidentiality and Privacy

Our Coaching Program relationship is completely confidential. The Coach/Mentor recognises that the Client may disclose future plans, business affairs and personal and financial information. The Coach/Mentor will not at any time, share this information with a third party or directly/indirectly, use any such information for the Coach/Mentor’s own benefit.

The Coach/Mentor will not divulge that the Coach/Mentor and Client are in a coaching and mentoring relationship without express consent of the Client. The Client, of course, is free to discuss the coaching and mentoring relationship with anyone at any time.

This confidentiality statement is intended to be as confidential as the applicable state or federal laws allow. Please note the coaching and mentoring relationship is not privileged and, as such, the Coach/Mentor records regarding work with a Client can be subpoenaed by a Court of Law.

The Coach/Mentor is committed to protecting and respecting privacy and will only use personal information to provide the Coaching Program. Any personal information collected will be stored electronically, protected by a password and 2-factor authentication.


The Client shall indemnify and hold the Coach/Mentor harmless from any loss or liability arising from actions taken or situations created as a result of the coaching and mentoring relationship.

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